Get to know our community a little better by reading these interviews. JOHAN "meneer pastoor" -          How did you get involved in this hobby? o   Act 1, 1988, 8 yrs old: I visited my cousin as much as possible because he had a copy of the HeroQuest game. It took me over half a year of nagging... Continue Reading →


GAME RESULTS Skaeth's wild hunt (Tim) vs Ironskull's boyz (Gergely)13 - 6: Tim wins Rippa's snarlfangs (gergely) vs Spiteclaw's swarm ( Johan D)13 - 9: Johan D wins That evening in the underworlds… (part 3, 20/7) Free day to play wargames equals TOTAL ANNIHILATION! In Mishra’s beastcave, two insane battles took place: Orruks (Gergely) massacred... Continue Reading →


GAME RESULTS Grymwatch (Laurent) vs Grashrak's Despoilers(Johan D)14 - 15: Johan wins Grymwatch (Laurent) vs Spiteclaw's swarm(Johan D)3 - 23: Johan wins REPORT That evening in the underworlds… (part 2) Fecula seemed to have left Mishra’s beastcave. Grashraks Despoilers (Johan) took on the Grymwatch (Laurent) and surprised the valiant knights by taking the objective game... Continue Reading →


GODSWORN META IS OVER Here's a sweet report writen by Johan D: that evening in the underworlds…. (part 1) Last Monday at Mishra’s Beastcave, Skaeth (Tim) and his elven (and useless other) companions felt like they could conquer a whole mortal realm by themselves. Soon they smelled a rotten virus had entered the cave through... Continue Reading →


GAME RESULTS Wurmspat (Johan D) vs Skaeth's wild hunt (Tim)17-6: Johan D wins Grymwatch (Laurent) vs Godsworn hunt (Niels)20-14: Laurent wins Skaeth's wild hunt (Tim) vs Godsworn hunt (Niels)12-16: Niels wins Grymwatch (Laurent) vs Wurmspat (Johan)13-14: Johan wins


Welcome to the Godsworn meta Game results Hrothgorn's Mantrappers (Laurent) vs Godsworn hunt (Niels)4-12: Niels wins Wurmspat (Johan D) vs Ironskull's Boys (Gergely)14-3: Johan D wins Skaeth's wild hunt (Tim) vs Hrothgorn's Mantrappers (Laurent)17-3: Tim wins Godsworn hunt (Niels) vs Ironskull's Boys (Gergely)9-8: Niels wins Wurmspat (Johan D) vs Grymwatch (Laurent)20-6: Johan D wins Skaeth's... Continue Reading →


Great news!Our lgs Mishra's Playground will be organising their game nights again.Friday evenings will be reserved for FNM's, and monday evenings for all other game systems.From now on the shop will be closed on wednesdays and thursdays. On monday june 22nd there will be a test night. Join us and be cool! Rules for june/july... Continue Reading →

Game night precautionary measures

Besides the already well known measures such as keep your distance, wear a mouthmask, wash your hands,... we came up with some measures to make sure that our game nights are as safe as possible. Don't shake hands before or after your games (you can be a dick this time)Use your own dice, rulers, miniatures,... Continue Reading →

BEASTGRAVE standings

Game results Rippa's Snarlfangs (Johan T) vs The Wurmspat (Johan D)18-1: Johan T Wins Zarbag's Gitz (Johan D) vs Hrothgorn's Mantrappers (Johan T)26-1: Johan D Wins

BEASTGRAVE standings

Game results Ironsoul's condemnors (Kris) vs Rippa's Snarlfangs (Gergely)15-0: Kris wins Grymwatch (Tim) vs The Wurmspat (Johan D)12-10: Tim Wins Ironsoul's condemnors (Kris) vs Ironskull's Boyz (Gergely)10-3: Kris wins Mollog's Mob (Tim) vs Ironskull's Boyz (Gergely)3-11: Gergely Wins Ironsoul's condemnors (Kris) vs Hrothgorn's Mantrappers (Johan D)14-0: Kris Wins

BEASTGRAVE Final standings and march activities

Game results Zarbag's Gitz (Johan D) vs Godsworn Hunt (Niels) vs Ironskull Boyz (Gergely)25-14-4: Johan 1st (4pts), Niels 2nd (1pt), Gergely 3rth (0pts) Stormsire's cursebreakers (Johan D) vs Ironskull Boyz (Gergely)16-5: Johan Wins Lady Harrow's mournflight (Johan D) vs Ironskull Boyz (Gergely)19-10: Johan Wins Congratz to Johan the Greedy Goblin!This month there's also a price... Continue Reading →

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